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Iyzipay is an Iyzico product to modernize credit card payments, make the credit card payments mechanisms easy for the individuals and companies. Iyzipay supports amex, dinersclub, discover, jcb, maestro, mastercard, visa, troy and visa electron types


You can sign up for an iyzico account at

Configuration in Admin

Go to Admin -> Settings -> Payment methods -> Iyzipay to configure the payment method.


How to test

Go to and create an account. Copy the credentials generated via their dashboard and then put the information as described above.

Test Cards

Here are some test cards you can use to test the payment gateway.

Card NumberBankCard type
5890040000000016AkbankMaster Card (Debit)
5526080000000006AkbankMaster Card (Credit)
4766620000000001DenizbankVisa (Debit)
4603450000000000DenizbankVisa (Credit)
4987490000000002FinansbankVisa (Debit)
5311570000000005FinansbankMaster Card (Credit)

You can find more test cards at

Video tutorial

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