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Instamojo is a powerful payment gateway features to help you grow your business online for India.


To set up Instamojo integration you will need to have an account with Instamojo. You can create an account at

Once you have an account, you will need to create an API key. You can do this by going to the API & Plugins section, scroll down to the Generate Credentials section and generate a new credential.

Instamojo API Credentials

Configuration in Admin

In your store's Admin, go to Payments -> Payment Methods, click to Settings of the Instamojo payment method, and it will open the configuration section.

Instamojo Admin Configuration

Test Cards

TypeCard NumberExpiry DateCVVOTP
Mastercard5214 4789 0000 533001/2025123111111
Visacard4065 6200 0000 123901/2025123111111

Supported currencies

Instamojo only supports INR currency.

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