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Homepage is the first page that users see when they visit your website. It is the most important page of your website.


Create Homepage

To create a homepage, in admin panel, go to Pages and click on Create button.

In the Create new page page, fill in the following fields:

  • Title: Enter the title of the page. For example, Home.
  • Permalink: You can custom. But after set this page is homepage then permalink is /.
  • Content: You have the option to customize the content or utilize our pre-defined UI Block.
  • Template: Select Homepage.
  • Other fields are optional, you can fill them if you want.

Setup Homepage

After creating the homepage, you need to set it as the homepage of your website.

In admin panel, go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Page, and select the homepage you just created in the Your homepage displays field.


If you are using the sample data of Katen, the homepage is already created and set up for you.

Customize Homepage

The homepage or any other page can be customized using UI Block. A list of available shortcodes can be found in UI Block.

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