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Activate license

Go to Admin -> Settings -> General to activate your license Image

If you don't know how to get purchase code, check this article:


If you can't activate your license, please create a ticket on, our dev team will support you. Don't try to activate it many times, your domain & IP will be added to blacklist.


  • Regular License just can be activated on 1 domain.
  • If you want to reinstall or move your website to new server, you need to backup your license in /storage/.license or deactivate your license then re-activate it again when your website before moving to new server.
  • If you change your website from www to non-www or non-www to www, http to https or https to http, please deactivate your licence before do that.
  • If you can't remove your license on a domain, please contact us via email [email protected], we will do it for you.


Contact us via email at [email protected] if you have any questions about license.

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