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Echo provides five pre-made widget areas to help you customize the user interface and organize content strategically.

These sidebars offer flexibility in placement and functionality, allowing you to tailor the user experience on different sections of your website.

Manage Widgets

To manage the widgets, go to the Appearance -> Widgets menu in the admin panel.

Manage widgets

To add a widget to a sidebar, drag and drop the widget from the left side to the sidebar area on the right side.

Widget Areas

1. Primary sidebar

Widget primary sidebar

It appears on the right side of the blog list page. You can use this area to display related posts, categories, follows us, below is an example of using Blog categories, Blog posts, Follow Us widgets.

Widget product details sidebar admin

2. Header top sidebar

Widget header top sidebar

Header top sidebar is the sidebar that appears on the top side of the all page. You can use this area to display widgets such as Breaking News, Datetime & Local Weather, Action Buttons.

Widget header top sidebar admin

3. Menu sidebar

Widget menu sidebar

Located at the sidebar menu. It's perfect for displaying recent . You can use this area to display widgets such as Blog Posts, Social Links.

Widget menu sidebar admin

Occupying the central and often most prominent position in the footer, this sidebar is well-suited for showcasing essential information like site information, menus, and contact details.

Widget footer sidebar

In the example below, we use:

  • Site Information widget to display details about the site, logo, and social media.
  • Simple Menu widget to display a custom menu.
  • Newsletter form widget to display contact details.

Widget footer sidebar admin


To use the Newsletter widget, you need to activate the Newsletter plugin in Plugins -> Installed Plugins.

5. Custom sidebar

This sidebar used

Widget custom sidebar

These sidebars are used to display in the shortcode Blog posts and Blog categories.

Delete Widgets

If you don't want to use the widgets in some areas, you can remove them by collapsing the widget and clicking the Delete button.

Delete widget

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