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Theme Options

Theme options is a place that users can customize their theme. These settings allow users to change the logo, colors, fonts, layout, and other aspects of the theme without needing to know how to code.


Go to Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options.


In this General tab, there are have a lot of options to customize the site identity like title, description, seo, colors, font, theme mode, ...

Home page

To set a page as homepage, go to the Page tab.


At here, you can set the items per page, style of items (3 items on a row or 4 items on a row).

Logo & Favicon

Social links is the list of the socials that appear in the footer of the page. In this tab, you can add or remove the social links.

You can add socials links in the Social Links tab.

Gallery is a photo gallery, allow you to create and manage galleries of images, organize them into categories, and share them with others.

In the Gallery, you can edit the page title, description and even gallery style.

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