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Upgrade Guide

Option 1 (Auto update):

Go to Admin -> Platform Administration -> System Updater.

In the System Updater page, click to the Download & Install Update button and it will update automatically.

Option 2 (Manual update):

Download the latest source code from codecanyon and override the following folders:

  • app
  • bootstrap
  • database
  • config
  • public/index.php
  • public/themes
  • public/vendor
  • platform
  • vendor
  • composer.json
  • composer.lock

After overwriting the source code successfully:

  • Go to Admin -> Platform Administration -> Cache management then click to Clear all CMS cache button.
  • Go to Admin -> Plugins click to Deactivate to all plugins and Activate them again.
  • Go to Admin -> Translations -> Other translations and click to Import group button to update translations.

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