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The Localization allows you to configure various settings related to the localization of your website. This includes language preferences and currency settings.


It's easy to add a new language to your website.

Adding a New Language

To add a new language, by go to Settings -> Manage Languages page, and click the Add New Language button.

It will open a dialog box where you can choose the language you want to add.

Language Manager

Setting the Default Language

Once you have added a new language, you can set it as the default language for your website. You can do this by go to Settings -> General Settings.

Translating the Website

You can translate the website by clicking the Translate button next to the language you want to translate.



Most of the language files are automatically translated using Google Translate. You also can contribute to the translations by submitting a pull request on our GitHub repository.


The Localize Earnings setting allows you to specify the default currency used for financial transactions within your website. Default currency is USD.

To configure the Currency setting using Open Exchange Rates, follow these steps:

  • Obtain an API key from the Open Exchange Rates website.
  • Go to Settings -> Localize Earnings page, and enter your API key in the Open Exchange App ID field.

You can also specify the default currency by selecting it from the Local Currency dropdown list.

Localize Earnings

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