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Getting Started

Configuring Envato credentials

To configure Envato credentials, please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Envato Developers website at and log in with your Envato account.
  • Once you're logged in, click to My app from the header menu.
  • On the My apps page, click on the Register a new app button.
  • Fill the app name, check all the Required permissions and check the Terms of conditions.
  • In the Confirmation URL field, enter the Confirmation URL from Settings -> Envato Integration page your Envato Sale Tools site.
  • After you have filled in all the required fields, click on the Register App button.
  • Once the app is registered, you will need to copy the Client ID and Client Secret from site and paste them into the Envato Integration page on your Envato Sale Tools site.

Connect to Envato Account

Connect account

To track your Envato sales, you need to connect your Envato account to your Envato Sale Tools site. To do that, please go to the Envato Accounts on the user dropdown menu and click on the Connect New Account button.

Then you will be redirected to the Envato Authorize page, click to the Approve button.

Authorize Envato account

Import Statements

On the first time you connect to your Envato account, you will need to import your statements. To do that, please go to the Statements page.

Import statements

We provide 2 ways Import Statements from Envato API and Import Statements from CSV file. We recommend you to import statements from Envato CSV file because it doesn't need to wait for a long time to call the Envato API.

Import from CSV file

If you have more than 1,000 sales on Envato market. This is the best way to import your statements.

First, you need to download the CSV file from your Envato account by going to the Statement page on your Envato account.

Once you have downloaded the CSV file, click to the Import from CSV button and select the CSV file you have downloaded. Then click to the Upload button.

Import from CSV file

You will see the below message if the CSV file is imported successfully.

Done. x,xxx statements has been imported.

Import from Envato API

This way is similar to the Import from CSV file way, but it will take a long time to import your statements due to Envato API limitation. This way might take a few minutes or hours to import your statements if you have too many sales.

Import from Envato API


Cronjob are scheduled tasks that the system runs at predefined times or intervals. It helps to synchronize your Envato sales with your site automatically.

On Shared Hosting

If you are using shared hosting, you can read more about how to set up a cronjob at cPanel.

On VPS/Dedicated Server

If you are using VPS/Dedicated Server, you can follow the instructions below to set up a cronjob:

  1. Go to your site's Settings -> Cronjob page, copy the cronjob command.
  2. Open your server's terminal and run the command below to open the crontab file:
    crontab -e
  3. Paste the cronjob command you copied from your site's Settings -> Cronjob page and save the file.
  4. Now your Envato sales will be synchronized with your site automatically.

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