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Site configuration

Site configuration includes:

  • Site name.
  • Site Description.
  • Timezone.
  • Theme Mode: System Mode, Light Mode, Dark Mode.
  • Site Direction: Left to Right, Right to Left.
  • Site Language: If you have only English. Go to add new language to import your language.
  • Logo
  • Favicon


Color configuration

Gradient background color of header:

  • Gradient color From
  • Gradient color To

We also support selecting the color of buttons, selected sidebars, focused input, etc. through:

  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color


Display earnings option

We also support the option to hide or show earnings. If you don't mind your earnings always showing on the monitor, you can uncheck the hidden earnings option. In contrast, check the hidden earnings option to default hidden all earnings.

Hide earnings

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