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Envato Sale Tools is a powerful tool for Envato authors to manage their sales. It provides a lot of features to manage your sales, track your sales, analyze your sales, get notifications about your sales, and much more.


  • Easy installation with Wizard Installer.
  • Instant Sale Notifications: Support to get instant notifications about your sales via Telegram, Slack and WhatsApp.
  • Sales Tracking: Support to track your sales and get detailed information about your sales.
  • Verify Purchase Code: Easy to verify purchase code of your items.
  • Multiple Languages & Currencies support.
  • Scriptable feature: Scriptable help you create a widget on iOS that shows your revenues for this year, this month, and the total on your iPhone.
  • Tracking Sales From other Author's Items.
  • Fully responsively and mobile friendly.



Thank you for purchasing this product. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via support page for quickly support. Thank you so much!

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